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Why is getting Ellie west so important in The Last of Us?

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Joel and Tess needed to get Ellie west in The Last of Us. Now it’s up to just Joel, but why is getting her west so important?

In the series premiere, Joel and Tess were tasked with getting Ellie west. They were promised not just a battery but a car so Joel could find his brother Tommy. Joel only did it for that, not really knowing why Ellie was so important. Well, it’s all come out.

At the end of the series premiere, we found out Ellie had been infected by whatever disease has turned people into zombie-like creatures. She isn’t turning into one of those creatures, though. This is what makes her so special.

Ellie could be the cure in The Last of Us

Ellie is immune to the infection. It’s not surprising then that people out west want her. They want to take her blood and see why she’s immune. Can they create a cure or a vaccine for the remaining people alive? Ellie doesn’t necessarily seem too happy with the idea, but does she really have a choice? Is it her duty to save the world?

Joel doesn’t trust Ellie. He doesn’t like that she’s been bitten and could turn at any moment. It doesn’t help that he lost his daughter in the initial infection stage, and he’s still grieving because of that. This is a man now who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his only family alive. He needs to find Tommy.

Tess was able to prove that Ellie really is immune. This could be everything the world needs to get rid of the militant state they’re in, and it could mean Joel finally gets to find his brother. So, he’ll continue with the mission to get Ellie west.

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The Last of Us airs Sundays on HBO Max in the U.S. and on Crave in Canada.