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Why is Good Girls canceled after Season 4?

Good Girls Season 5 isn’t happening. NBC canceled the series and Netflix didn’t pick it up. It turns out there’s behind-the-scenes drama.

Don’t immediately think a cancellation is due to the network. Don’t think that the unwillingness to save a show is actually a streaming service’s unwillingness at all. Sometimes, there are other things at play that prevent a show being saved.

It turns out that Good Girls Season 5 was originally in the works. In fact, a deal was very close to being settled to give the show a fifth and final season, closure for the fans.

So what happened? Bad contract negotiations with the leads? Not enough support somewhere? It turns out that it may have been one individual person.

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Why isn’t Good Girls Season 5 happening?

According to TVLine, there were plans for a fifth season. It was going to be a condensed fifth season on Netflix, as a way to wrap up the storylines and offer us closure.

The three leading ladies, Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman and Retta, were even willing to take pay cuts to make sure this shortened fifth season could happen. Yes, all three of the leads wanted to make sure the ending happened for the fans. It wasn’t about the money for them at this point.

So what happened?

It turns out Hendricks and her co-star Manny Montana didn’t get along in real life. Their relationship was purely business despite the undeniable onscreen chemistry the two have as Beth and Rio.

There is nothing confirmed, but a source says that Montana was unwilling to take the financial hit that the three leads were. And it looks like NBC didn’t want to deal with the “where’s Rio” or “is Rio returning” questions. It’s not like there wouldn’t be a show without the Brio romance, but there are a lot of fans tuning in for that. The idea of not having Rio around for the fifth season would be difficult.

And so, NBC decided not to renew Good Girls for a fifth and final season. And yes, we are annoyed at that.

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Good Girls Seasons 1 to 3 are on Netflix. Season 4 will likely arrive in January 2022.