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Why is Lindsey Morgan leaving Walker?

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Lindsey Morgan is leaving Walker during the second season. Why is this happening? Is it a creative decision or an actress decision?

We won’t have a full season with Micki Ramirez on Walker Season 2. Actress Lindsey Morgan is leaving. Deadline reported the surprising news.

Of course, the news has fans disappointed. Morgan has been a highlight of the series. We’ve had a chance to fall in love with a female character who has her flaws but is still good deep down. She’s had a chance that she’s the perfect fit in a club that used to be solely for boys, and we’ve watched her have to toe the line of cop and Mexican-American at times.

We were looking forward to seeing more of Micki. However, the “more” is going to be limited. Right now, we don’t know when Micki’s last episode is, but there is a chance she could return as a guest star at some point. Hopefully, that means nobody is killing off Micki.

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Did Lindsey Morgan choose to leave Walker?

Something that all fans want to know is whose decision it was to leave the series. Was this a creative one, or did the actress decide it was time to step away?

It turns out this is Lindsey Morgan’s decision, and we respect that as much as we hate to lose such an awesome female lead. We don’t get the full details why, but it’s a “personal” decision.

It doesn’t sound like there are any problems on set. Morgan has nothing but good things to say about her colleagues and the set. There’s no way Morgan would stay quiet if there were some major problems, and I don’t see Jared Padalecki staying on a series with major problems after such a positive experience for 15 years on Supernatural.

So, it looks like this is just a personal decision for Morgan. Usually, I’d say that it’s linked to her filming in a state away from home, but that’s not the case here. For one, Morgan did seven seasons on a show that filmed in Canada and now she’s in her homestate. So, it looks like she may have decided that she doesn’t want to do another TV series just yet. Or it could be the topic of the series that she’s just not comfortable with right now.

It could also be linked to her own family needs and wants. Morgan announced her engagement to Shaun Sipos in December 2020. Is it possible that they’re not thinking about the future and starting a family and she doesn’t want work getting in the way of that?

Whatever the reason, this is hers to make. We completely respect that.

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How do you think Walker will write Micki out? What would you like to see before Morgan’s exit from the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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