Why was the Love Is Blind reunion delayed?

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The Love Is Blind reunion didn’t happen live as it was supposed to. What happened to the event, and can you watch it now?

Netflix made a huge deal about the Love Is Blind Season 4 reunion. It was all going to be live. Absolutely nobody knew how things would play out, and we didn’t really know who would be back. Well, we didn’t get to find out everything right away.

After an hour of fans trying to get into the episode only to be told of “technical difficulties,” Vanessa Lachey finally took to Instagram to share what was going on. She made it clear that everyone was ready but that there was a problem with streaming. It looked like so many people were trying to watch live that it broke Netflix.

Maybe Netflix should look at fixing that before dealing with password sharing.

It was even longer for Netflix to actually apologize for the situation. That was also when Netflix shared it would record the Love Is Blind reunion.

How to stream the Love Is Blind reunion

The good news for fans is that the reunion is now available to stream. It dropped on Netflix at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT on Monday, April 17. Yes, this was 19 hours after fans were supposed to be able to watch it.

Some people did get in for it live. And there were others who recorded it and put it up on TikTok for others to see. The recorded version certainly cuts a few things out.

The reunion is worth the watch if you want to see Irina make some excuses and Paul get a bit of a grilling. I am annoyed that Marshall got as much of a grilling as he did by Vanessa. Jackie chickened out and didn’t turn up to the reunion to face the music, but it’s clear Vanessa has her loyalties and it didn’t make for a good host.

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Love Is Blind Season 5 is in the works. Watch the fourth season on Netflix.