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Why did Netflix cancel 1899 after one season?

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Netflix has made its first cancellation decision of the year. There won’t be a second season of 1899, but why did Netflix cancel the show?

Despite 1899 being planned as a three-season story, we’re only getting the one. Netflix made the decision on Monday, Jan. 2 to cancel the show. It’s the first cancellation of 2023, and it is a blow to those in love with this supernatural mystery genre.

Like Dark, which was made by the same creators, the show was planned to tell the mystery across three seasons. So, what happened?

Why was 1899 canceled by Netflix?

Like with all other cancellations, Netflix doesn’t outright give a reason for the cancellation. We’re left making assumptions, and usually the reasons are the same. It’s all about viewership.

A show like this is expensive to make. Not only are there all the graphics, but there are also the costumes to make sure the series looks like it’s set in the titular year. All period dramas are expensive to create for this same reason. So, that means plenty of people need to watch it, mostly within that first weekend that the show drops.

It doesn’t look like that happened with this show. When co-creator Jantje Friese first talked about the show, he said that it was planned as a three-season mystery, but that it would only happen if enough people watched, according to Entertainment Weekly.

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1899 is available to stream on Netflix.