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Why is SWAT canceled after 6 seasons?

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CBS has decided to cancel SWAT after six seasons. It comes as a surprise, so why is SWAT canceled?

Okay, part of us is not surprised that the Shemar Moore series has been canceled. This isn’t due to the live ratings or any of the storylines. It’s definitely not due to behind the scenes drama. Instead, it was due to the delay in renewing it and the reasons behind the delay.

It all came down to money. We were warned early on that this series may be one that wouldn’t make it through, and it looks like negotiations between Sony and CBS came to an end in a way that CBS wasn’t happy about.

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It turns out that the series is produced by Sony. That means CBS licenses the series, so the ratings have to be great for the series to land a renewal. In the past, it wasn’t as much of a problem. The series was performing well enough on its nights and the delayed ratings were strong enough.

The licensing between CBS and Sony has come up for renewal. While the series is performing well on Friday night, CBS wasn’t happy with the amount that it was paying for the series. Sony didn’t want to lose out on too much money. So, CBS decided not to renew it then.

Yes, this all came down to money.

It’s no wonder that Shemar Moore and others are frustrated with the news that the show has been canceled. They and the writers did everything right. But this is the way of the entertainment business.

Sadly, the cancellation news comes after the series has filmed its Season 6 finale. This is now the series finale, and there is a chance of a cliffhanger at the end. Hopefully, this works out a little like the Season 5 finale, which could have worked as a series finale.

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SWAT* is available to stream on Netflix and Paramount+ in the U.S. and on the Global TV App and Stack TV in Canada.