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Why is The Flash ending with Season 9?

Are you ready for The Flash ending? You’ll want to prepare yourself for it. The CW has confirmed The Flash Season 9 is the last.

Now is the time to prepare for the end of The Flash. The CW has confirmed that the upcoming ninth season will be the last. On top of that, it’s going to be a shortened season. Don’t worry; it’s not as short as the final season of Arrow*. The super-speedster will have 13 episodes to tell the final story.

The big question for many is why this is going to be the final season. Is this The CW canceling the show, or is this just a natural end?

It’s time to bring The Flash story to an end

If you paid attention to some of the interviews during Season 8, you’ll have noticed that most stars thought it would be the end. The cast was ready to say goodbye to the characters, and the renewal back in March 2022 was a surprise.

Robbie Amell, who returned as Deathstorm returned with the season being pitched as the final one. So, what happened?

It’s possible that The CW wanted to get one more season out of it. The network is going through a sale, and the idea of losing one of its most popular shows would have been a concern. So, it likely renewed it for a ninth season and then dealt with contracts and questions of who would return. All but one series regular is coming back. Jesse L. Martin has stepped down as a series regular.

The 13-episode story will give the writers time to wrap up all individual storylines. Now let’s hope that the finale can be stronger than some of the final seasons that have come out in recent years.

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What did you think of The Flash being renewed? Are you ready to say goodbye? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Flash* Season 9 will premiere in 2023 on The CW.