Why I have to watch TV shows to the end

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If I start a TV show, I’m going to watch it all the way to the end. Here’s why I need to watch TV shows until they finish.

I can be very picky about the type of TV shows that I watch. That’s because once I’ve started, I need to see until they come to an end. Unless there is something that I absolutely love about a promo for a new series, I don’t usually start it live. I’ll wait to see what the reviews are like to see if it’s something to watch. As I know I’ll end up having to finish it if I start.

Watching TV shows to the end on my own time

This doesn’t mean I’ll watch live all the time. There are some shows where I wait for a full season to come out. Then I’ll binge-watch that season. It gives me a chance to make time, while also having shows to watch in the summer break when there’s usually little on.

There are some that I will watch live on TV. These aren’t just ones that I write about, but ones that I enjoy. For example, I watched A Million Little Things Season 5 live but didn’t write about it. It became a show for me.

Sometimes, I’ll start watching a TV show live but then stop partway through and wait for the season to come out. I did that with Reign. I didn’t like the show itself because of the complete disregard to history. But I really wanted to see certain storylines, so I recorded and watched as a binge-watch once the first season was done.

I need to see how storylines end

I don’t like not having closure. Even if the show has been canceled and I know there is no official closure, I’ll watch it to the end. I want to see what the writers did with characters and what the potential was for the next storyline.

My brain hates the not knowing part of not watching a show. It’s like not reading a book. Once I start, I have to keep going. It doesn’t matter how much things become a hate-watch or a hate-read.

There’s also a creative element to it. As a writer, I’ll come up with ideas where I think storylines will go. I’ll have theories about characters—look at all those theories people were coming up with in Game of Thrones. I joined in with them. I needed to watch to see if any of my theories or ideas came up.

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