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Why Women Kill Season 3 no longer happening at Paramount+

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Despite initially being renewed, Why Women Kill Season 3 is now no longer happening. What has happened at Paramount+?

There is some disappointing news for Why Women Kill fans. The third season, which was ordered back in December 2021, is now not happening at all. The renewal decision has been reversed. This was a decision Paramount+ made, although it’s not entirely clear why.

Why was Why Women Kill cancelled?

The series was originally renewed back in December 2021. Sure this was five months after the Season 2 finale aired, but late is better than not being renewed at all. The bad news is that sometimes these renewal decisions are reversed.

We saw it a lot during the start of the pandemic. The production shutdowns led to productions costing more than initially planned and cancelling was the best option. That’s not the case here. We just don’t know what the reason is for Paramount+ to go back on the renewal decision.

It could be that ther isn’t the story there after all. Why Women Kill is an anthology series, so it would have meant a fresh story, fresh characters, and fresh actors. There is a chance that the storyline wasn’t compelling enough and it would work out better financially not to run with the story.

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What did you hope to see in Why Women Kill Season 3? What do you think of the decision to reverse the renewal? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Why Women Kill* is available to stream on Paramount+.