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Wilderness ending explained: Did Liv get away with murder?

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Usually, we want to see the murderer caught. In Wilderness, we wanted to see Liv get away with it. How did the series end?

The promo for Wilderness made it clear that Liv was considering murder. It looked like she was going to kill her husband, Will. Instead, she killed Will’s affair partner, Cara. Would she get away with it, though?

There were moments where we thought that Liv would get caught. That was especially the case when Garth comes to Liv and Will’s house in a rage. Would he end up exposing the truth to everyone? Not quite. Instead, he would also end up dead, and Liv would get away with that by saying it was self-defence. The “castle doctrine” helped her out there.

Things came to a head when Liv told Will that she wanted a divorce. Will wouldn’t honor that, and he wasn’t going to let Liv walk away, either. He knew the truth, and he would expose it.

Did Liv get away with murder in Wilderness?

Liv had to find a way out of her current situation. She still had the video of Will and Cara together, so she sent that to the police anonymously.

Just as it looked like Will and Liv would return to England, the police turned up at the airport. The video did everything that Liv needed it to. With Cara wearing Will’s jacket when she was pushed from the cliff and this video, the police charged Will for murder.

Of course, he wasn’t going down without a fight. When Liv went to see him in prison, he threatened her with his family. His family would get to the bottom of it. That’s when Liv dropped a bombshell. She’s pregnant. Would Will want to send the mother of his baby to prison?

Whether she really is pregnant or not isn’t clear. What is clear is that Will couldn’t do that, so he ends up with nothing to help get him free from prison. He does find out that Liv never intended to kill Cara, though. He was always the intended target, but this is a little more poetic.

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