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Has Wilford taken over the train on Snowpiercer?

There is clearly some trouble on Snowpiercer judging by the events on Season 2, Episode 6. Has Wilford taken control?

We spent the episode with Melanie at the research station. It was certainly a difficult experience for her, with her immediately seeing that those who had been there had killed each other or themselves during the Freeze.

The isolation and the hunger would be enough to make anyone mad. However, Melanie managed to remain focused, found a food source (as well as extra heat!), and managed to get her research data together.

However, when it was time to reunite with Snowpiercer, everything went wrong. It didn’t go wrong on Melanie’s side, but on Snowpiercer’s side. Something has happened on the train, and the only explanation is that Wilford has taken over.

Alexandra was distraught on Snowpiercer Season 2, Episode 6

At the very end of the episode, Melanie races to the speeding train. It’s going too fast for Melanie to get on it with all the research data.

At first, she may have thought that Ben just got the speed wrong, but Alexandra at the back of the train is the part that tells us something has happened. She’s screaming for her mom and looks distraught. It’s clear that she wants her mom to get back on the train, but she’s got no control over the events.

It has to be Wilford.

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After all, Layton, Ben, and all the other want Melanie to collect the data. They want to eventually get off the train if it’s possible. Wilford is the only one not happy about the possibility of the Earth warming up at a faster rate than expected. He wants the train to go on forever and ever.

The last we saw of Wilford, he had Miss Audrey on his side. It’s clear he knows Audrey was meant to be up to something, and there are strong chances she won’t succeed. Instead, Wilford has people working for him on Snowpiercer. He has people willing to attack both Tailies and the Breachmen. He wants to create chaos to come in and save the day.

Is that what he’s managed to do between the two weeks of Melanie potentially failing to connect to the balloon (now we have found out what happened and she didn’t fail after all) and Melanie heading back to the train?

We’ll have to wait a week to find out what’s happened.

Of course, now our concerns are about Melanie. What’s going to happen to her now that she’s literally left out in the cold without much food? Those rats won’t last forever.

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What do you think has happened on the train? What will happen to Melanie next on Snowpiercer Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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