Will Control Z Season 3 happen?

Control Z Season 2 is now on Netflix, available for all to binge-watch. Is there going to be a Control Z Season 3?

If you haven’t jumped onto the Control Z bandwagon yet, this weekend is a great time to do it. There are two seasons of eight episodes each to get through. And this weekend is a chance for Netflix to see just how popular the Mexican series is.

The show initially starts with a hacker sharing the secrets of those in the school. The aim is to get people to do bad things in return for the secrets not to come out. Of course, secrets are revealed and people get hurt.

One of those hurt was Luis, and he’s the focus for the second season. There’s another person hiding behind screens, and this person wants revenge for Luis.

With the way things ended with the second season (no spoilers!), we need more to the story. Will Control Z Season 3 happen at Netflix?

Control Z Season 3 may happen at Netflix

Right now, it’s all going to depend on the success of the series. Netflix works by numbers. How many people are binge-watching the show, and how many people subscribed to Netflix to watch the series?

This is why this weekend is so important. It’s essential to tell Netflix that this is the type of show you want on the streamer.

However, the reviews for the series haven’t been great. They weren’t for the first season either, but the show quickly got picked up for a second season. However, Netflix will want to see more positivity to renew for a third season.

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When could Season 3 come out?

If the show is renewed, when will we see it? It took 15 months between the first two seasons, and this was with a pandemic in the way. So, we’re looking at 12 to 14 months for the third season.

If the show is renewed quickly, it is possible that we’ll see the third season in the summer or early fall of next year.

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What did you think of Control Z Season 2? Would you like to see Control Z Season 3 happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Control Z is available to stream on Netflix.