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Will Criminal Minds: Evolution air on CBS?

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With the strike still going on, the broadcast networks may need to bring more content from streaming. Will Criminal Minds: Evolution be one show that comes to CBS?

Criminal Minds: Evolution aired in 2022. It was the long-awaited Criminal Minds revival. Although, let’s face it; with so many returning characters, it was more like a 16th season of the series.

The 10-part story followed a procedural format with a serialized element over the top. One man was running the show, but the team didn’t realize that at first. We got to see how one man could use the pandemic to his advantage, and why he was doing this.

The first episode did air on CBS. It was cut short to fit into the 42-minute air time needed for the commercials and there were some elements cut due to needing to keep ti TV-14 for the network. However, fans got to see the first episode and then had to turn to Paramount+ for the rest of the season.

Could CBS bring Criminal Minds: Evolution to the airwaves?

With the writers strike still going on and the actors now part of it, there is a need to bring content from streaming services to the broadcast networks. CBS is doing this with SEAL Team Season 5, which was the first season of that show to go to streaming, and with Yellowstone.

So far, there are no signs that the Criminal Minds revival will head to the broadcast network. This could change if the strike action goes on for longer, but it could be harder for CBS to rework this show compared to some of the others. After all, the series took full advantage of moving to a streaming platform when it came to the language.

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Would you like to see Criminal Minds: Evolution on CBS? What did you think of the revival? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Criminal Minds: Evolution* is available to stream on Paramount+ in both the U.S. and Canada.