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Will Gibbs return on NCIS Season 19?

We had our first episode without Gibbs on NCIS Season 19, Episode 5. Will he return at some point in the season?

It’s not easy saying goodbye to a character we’ve come to know and love. While we knew that we’d have less Gibbs in NCIS Season 19 than ever before, it’s not really softened the blow all that much. During Episode 4, he told McGee that he would remain in Alaska. He’s felt peace for the first time since the deaths of his wife and daughter, and he wants to hold onto that.

Does this mean he’s gone for good? It certainly looks so when it comes to changes to the team. Gary Cole’s Alden Parker has been offered the job of team leader after McGee turned it down.

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Is Gibbs gone for good on NCIS Season 19?

After the fourth episode of the season, TVLine reported that it was Gibbs’s permanent exit. Well, permanent for now.

There is always an open door for Mark Harmon to return. It’s not like Gibbs has been killed off. And it’s also not like Harmon is completely done with the series. He’s still an executive producer on the show. Should he want to return, the writers can easily find a way to bring him back.

For now, though, Gibbs is gone. He’s staying in Alaska, and he doesn’t have any plans to return. I wouldn’t completely rule him out for good. There’s a chance he’ll return for the series finale, whenever that may be, but we’re not seeing him come back any time soon.

Can the series survive without him? It’s going to be interesting to see how things work out for NCIS Season 19. The show has moved nights and lost the heart of the series. Will viewers stick around for the other characters?

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What did you think of Gibbs’s exit on the series? Would you like to see him come back? Can NCIS Season 19 fare well without him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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