Will there be a Season 2 of Paper Girls?

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Amazon brought us a great story involving four girls traveling through time. Will Paper Girls land a second season to continue the story?

At the end of July, we got a story that was far more than four girls fighting for survival. They were learning all about life and death, figuring out friendships and disappointments, and learning what it means to be a good friend. We got some poignant moments, as well as some excellent action and timey-wimey-stuff.

Of course, there was a cliffhanger. Considering there was more than just one graphic novel in the source material*, we had a feeling a cliffhanger would happen. Now it means we need a second season. The question is whether Amazon will renew Paper Girls for Season 2.

Will Paper Girls Season 2 happen?

Let’s take a look at the chances of the renewal. As of right now, Amazon hasn’t confirmed anything, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There hasn’t been much of a consistency in Amazon’s cancellations and renewals, so no news is good news right now.

The renewal is all going to depend on the viewership. Amazon needs to see how many people subscribed to Prime Video to watch the season in full. Those binge-watching in the first weekend offer the best look, but Amazon can wait a couple of weeks for those who don’t like to binge-watch shows.

It’s hard to say with Amazon shows, though. What we think are great shows end up being cancelled. Look at The Wilds and Night Sky recently. The social media following has been good for Paper Girls, but it may not be enough.

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What did you think of Paper Girls? What would you like to see in the second season? Where do you think Mac and KJ ended up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Paper Girls is available to stream on Prime Video*