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Will there be a Season 6 of SEAL Team on Paramount+?

Our eyes are on the future of our favorite shows. There are a lot of shows still on the bubble, but is SEAL Team one of them? Will Season 6 of SEAL Team happen at Paramount+?

There is absolutely no doubt that we’re used to worrying about the fate of SEAL Team. Since it began, this has been a series that we’ve had to wait until May to find out if it would be renewed for another season or not. The renewal of Season 5 was a scary one. Fortunately, CBS found a way to save it by moving it to Paramount+.

The move was a questionable one. A lot of fans weren’t happy about needing another streaming platform, but the move ended up being a good one. The series remained popular with fans, and we have some great news about the renewal.

SEAL Team Season 6 is happening at Paramount+

We haven’t had to wait until May to find out the fate. Paramount+ brought us the great news back in February, not long after the Season 5 finale aired on the streamer.

There is going to be a sixth season. Bravo Team will be back in action, and we’ll find out if any of them are saying a permanent goodbye.

The one we’re worried about the most is Clay. Max Thieriot has landed the lead in the Cal Fire pilot. While CBS hasn’t picked up the series just yet, it could do, and that could lead to some scheduling conflicts.

However, the now-Paramount+ series is only heading back for 10 episodes. Filming is slated to start later this month, which should mean no issues with filming conflicts if Cal Fire is picked up to series. We’ll hopefully see Clay stick around.

We don’t know when SEAL Team Season 6 will premiere just yet. We’re hoping for fall 2022.

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What do you hope to see from Bravo Team when the show returns? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SEAL Team is available to stream on Paramount+ ($).