Will Sex Education be renewed for Season 5?

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Sex Education Season 4 is here, and you’ve made it to the end. Now you want more of the story, but will it happen?

You’ve worked your way through the whole of Sex Education Season 4. There were only eight episodes, so that was easily doable this weekend. Of course, now you want more.

With the way things ended, you may be wondering if there even will be more. That ending brought us a lot of closure. Is that it for the series?

Sex Education Season 4 is officially the last

It is bad news for fans of the show. Sex Education Season 4 is the end of the run for the series. Netflix confirmed this around the time of the renewal, so we knew what we were getting into when the season began. It was written as the final season, which is why there was so much closure.

Why would Netflix cancel one of its best shows? This had nothing to do with the ratings. At least, we don’t think so. While Netflix doesn’t reveal the reasons for cancellations a lot of the time, we can guess this one pretty well.

The cast has started to move onto other projects. Just look at how Ncuti Gatwa is The Doctor in Doctor Who and how Emma Mackey has focused on a movie career. The actors are growing up, and they don’t want to be stuck playing teenagers for the rest of their lives. Sex Education Season 4 was a good spot to end things.

There has been a lot of growth for the characters. Now they’re ready for life, whether that means university, traveling the world, or getting an adult job. As much as we’d love to see that stage of their lives, this is a good spot to finish.

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Sex Education is available to stream on Netflix.