Will The Crown Season 5 come to Netflix in 2021?

After the Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah, The Crown viewership has risen. Will The Crown Season 5 come in 2021 to continue the story?

It’s not all that surprising viewership of The Crown has risen. Harry and Meghan admitted they’d watched some of it, and the fourth season focused on Lady Diana Spencer’s introduction to the Royal Family and the earlier part of her marriage to Prince Charles. There is still more of that story to come.

The Crown Season 5 will likely focus on the end of the marriage and possibly on Diana, Princess of Wales’s death. Fans want to know how the monarchy reacted to that and what they did (or more like didn’t do) to help Diana when she needed it. Will we get the next part of the story, soon?

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The Crown Season 5 isn’t coming to Netflix until 2022

There is some bad news. The fifth season isn’t going to arrive until 2022, probably either November or December to match previous seasons.

Filming of the season isn’t going to start until this year. There’s another cast change, and this is what happened the last time. There was a short break in filming, meaning it took an extra year than expected for the third season. That’s likely what will happen here.

There isn’t a confirmed release date just yet. We’re only guessing November or December based on when all four previous seasons have arrived. It is certainly something we’re going to keep an eye on.

The Crown Season 6 is already confirmed. This will film off the back of the fifth season, so it will only be a year wait between those two seasons. We’re looking at November or December 2023 for the final season of the Netflix series.

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The Crown is available to stream on Netflix.