Will The Order be cancelled or renewed for Season 3?

The Order Season 2 is now on Netflix and if you watched all the new episodes you’re going to want to know if the series has been cancelled or renewed for Season 3.

The Order Season 2 ended in way that left zero doubt in our mind that we need a Season 3. We need to see how this story will continue for everyone and whether peace can be found or whether all out war will occur.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Netflix has not made a decision about The Order Season 3. It has not been cancelled or renewed. It is currently in limbo.

This shouldn’t really be big surprise as the series only just dropped on June 18. It will probably be around mid August when we finally get a decision, as the average time for the streaming giants to make a renewal decision is about a month and a half.

Depressingly. While we really want a Season 3 to happen. It’s looking unlikely that the Netflix Original will be renewed.


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Our thoughts behind this is due to the diabolical promotion the series received. When the Season 2 release date was announced. Fans were completely shocked as we hadn’t heard anything about the series for months.

In fact, we’re 99% sure the last announcement about The Order was when it was renewed for Season 2.

This gives us the impression that Netflix does not have faith in the show. Thus our logic being this was the last time we would see Belgrave University.

We’re really, really hoping we’re wrong. We want to see this story continue. There is still so much to tell, but we have our doubts.

Only time will tell. Like we said. It will most likely be around mid August when we learn the fate of the series. Until then all we can do is cross our fingers and whisper an incantation or two.

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What did you think is going to happen? What did you think of The Order Season 2? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.