Is Will Trent canceled or renewed for Season 2?

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It’s that time of year when we finally get to know the futures of our favorite shows. What about Will Trent? Is Season 2 happening?

ABC is making decisions one episode at a time. It’s not all that clear why that is. For some shows, it’s going to be due to negotiations, but for others, we’d just rather bulk renewals (and minimal cancellations).

Of course, a lot of eyes have been on Will Trent recently. The freshman series is based on the novels by Karin Slaughter, and we get to watch Will as he hides his dyslexia from those around him. He uses his coping mechanisms to his advantage, and it’s certainly been a joy to watch the show.

While we love it, it’s always hard to tell what the networks are planning. Are the live ratings doing well enough to warrant a renewal? Is something else getting in the way of that? What are the chances of this new series getting a second season?

Will Trent Season 2 is officially happening

There has been some excellent news. We will get a second season of the series. Out of the three Tuesday night dramas, we’re now just waiting for a decision to be made on The Rookie: Feds.

As of right now, ABC hasn’t said when in the 2023–2024 schedule this freshman series will return. It is possible that the show will remain as a midseason show. Shorter episode counts tend to work for shows adapted from books. It means there doesn’t have to be the filler content, so the writers can focus on the storytelling and adaptation.

This series has had some standalone cases, though. It would work well as a fall show if ABC thinks the live ratings are strong enough.

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Will Trent* airs Tuesdays on ABC in the U.S. and on CTV in Canada.