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Will Walker Season 2 happen on The CW?

Walker has got off to an excellent start on The CW. All eyes are on the future. Is Walker Season 2 going to happen?

When Walker premiered on The CW, we expected some positive results. After all, it has two of the biggest CW actors on the series, Jared Padalecki and Lindsey Morgan.

The series has possibly exceeded some expectations. It’s become the most-watch Thursday night drama since Supernatural’s “ScoobyNatural.” It’s also the largest audience in the last four years on the network. It’s a huge success for the series premiere.

It means we’re already looking at the future of the show. Is there a chance Walker Season 2 could happen?

The CW will want to see how the second episode goes

I don’t think The CW is going to give the series a second season right away. A series premiere can gained a large audience, but that doesn’t mean the audience is going to stick around.

The CW will want to see what the drop is like for the second episode. Then it may want to see if the ratings stabilize for the third episode.

It’s not normal for The CW to grant renewals quickly. Most of the time, multiple shows get renewals at the same time. Of course, patterns can change, but we’ll likely see Walker’s potential renewal happening at the same time as talks about The Flash, Nancy Drew, All American, and more.

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Is Walker Season 2 likely to happen?

The biggest question for many is whether there is even a chance of Walker Season 2. The series premiere results are an excellent start.

Ratings usually drop between the pilot and the second episode. A loss of about 20% has become common, and if that is the case for this series, then it’s not going to be too bad. It will still be one of the more successful shows on the network.

We’ll want to keep a look at the ratings stabilizing. The CW will likely keep an eye on Episode 3 and 4 to see how things go.

We could hear something about the future of the show in March 2021. If not, it is usually May at the latest.

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What did you think of the Walker series premiere? Would you like to see Walker Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Walker airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.