Will Warrior Nun be renewed by Netflix?

What is the renewal status of Warrior Nun? Will Netflix renew the original series or not?

Warrior Nun Season 2. Has the streaming giant renewed the original series? Officially the answer is no. At the time of writing no official statement has been made, but there are some signs the series will be back.

According to What’s On Netflix Warrior Nun Season 2 is reportedly a go. We can’t verify the articles source, but What’s On Netflix is one of the more reliable news outlets. So, if they say a series is reportedly renewed it is a pretty much a sure thing.

In our opinion Netflix had better renew the original series for Season 2. If you have not watched the entire season yet we will not spoil the finale for you. Just belief us when we say you are left demanding more.

Considering the positive reception the series has received we will be amazed if it is not renewed. The original series, based on the comic book series of the same name, has managed to capture the attention of viewers all over the world.


Warrior Nun Areala, Vol. 1 No. 1

The original series has been the number one show to watch in more than one region around the world. It has also been ranked in the top 3 for many more regions.

Fans have also been sharing their love for Warrior Nun via social media.

The message is clear. Fans love the show. They want more of the show. So fingers crossed Netflix makes the right decision and gives the go ahead for Season 2.

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Do you think Warrior Nun will be renewed for second season? Have you read the original comic books? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.