Will Winston leave with Maggie in Grey’s Anatomy?

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Maggie has a job offer in Chicago and she’s taking it. Will Winston leave with her in Grey’s Anatomy? Is Anthony Hill leaving the show?

Maggie and Winston’s marriage has been on the rocks for a while. It all came to a head when Winston decided to change specialties to avoid having his wife as his boss. She made it clear that she didn’t respect him for that choice, but she couldn’t really explain why that was until the latest episode.

As she and Winston went through a marriage counseling session, Maggie was called out to a trauma. It was after that that she realized what she didn’t respect. Winston runs when things get tough. Changing specialties was his way of running from conflict instead of working through the hard parts. That was what she couldn’t respect.

With that, she left Winston in the parking lot, making it clear that she was taking the job offer in Chicago. In the promo for the new episode, Maggie decides she does want to give her marriage a chance. She wants Winston to leave for Chicago with her. Will he do it?

Is Anthony Hill leaving Grey’s Anatomy?

We’ve known Maggie is leaving the hospital for a while. Kelly McCreary announced that she was leaving the show, and we learned her last episode would air on Thursday, April 13. That makes the next episode her last one. She will return now and then, similarly to a few other characters who have left, but this is it as a series regular.

What about Anthony Hill? There are no signs that he is leaving the show just yet. That suggests that Winston will choose to remain in Seattle.

He’s already moved from Boston to Seattle to be with Maggie. Why would he want to move again for her when they’re having so many troubles in their marriage? Plus, if Maggie’s assessment of his character is right, he’s going to run from this instead of face it head-on.

Of course, the show could be leaving a big surprise for us. By not sharing if Hill is leaving or not, we’re left with questions about Winston’s decisions until the very end of the episode—or even later on in the season.

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