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Is Wolf Like Me Season 2 a weekly release or a binge-watch?

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Wolf Like Me Season 2 will be here in time for Halloween. The question now is whether you’ll be able to watch all episodes in one go or not.

Streaming platforms are a little hit and miss when it comes to the way they release content. For the most part, you know Netflix is going to be a binge-watch release. Other networks, you have to pay close attention to when the premiere dates are announced.

Wolf Like Me Season 2 is coming to Peacock on Thursday, Oct. 19. This is going to be great at a time of year when we’re struggling for scripted content. The broadcast networks have had to push most of their shows back to 2024 due to the current strike action.

Peacock isn’t consistent with the way content is released. So, how will Wolf Like Me Season 2 come out? Will we get to watch it all in one go, or is this going to help us get through the last few weeks of the year?

Wolf Like Me Season 2 release schedule

We start of with the news that there are seven episodes to the season. Each of the episodes are 30 minutes long. That makes a good binge-watch, right? Well, Peacock agrees.

All seven episodes are dropping at once on Thursday, Oct. 19. There will be absolutely no need to wait week after week for another 30 minute episode to drop.

In a way, this is a bad thing, though. Once we have the episodes, that’s it. We’ll have another wait for a third season—if a third season happens. Hopefully by then the strike action will be over and we’ll see negotiations happen on renewals.


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Wolf Like Me Season 2 drops all seven episodes on Thursday, Oct. 19 on Peacock.