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Who wins the All Valley Tournament in Cobra Kai Season 4?

Cobra Kai Season 4 was focused on one thing: the battle between the dojos. Who would win the All Valley Tournament? More importantly, what does this mean for Cobra Kai Season 5?

Caution: There are spoilers from the Cobra Kai Season 4 finale in this post.

Let’s start with a very quick recap of how Cobra Kai Season 3 ended. Johnn and Daniel combined their dojos and took on Kreese, who now owned Cobra Kai again. There isn’t enough room for all of them, so the challenge was whoever won the All Valley Tournament would get to stick around.

It looked like Daniel and Johnny would figure out a way to work together, combining their styles and visions to win. Even with Robby teaching the Cobra Kais all of Daniel’s ways, it still looked like it would be a win for the good guys. After all, that’s the way the karate Kid movies ended each time.

Things took a turn for the worst by the end of the Cobra Kai Season 4 finale. And that turn for the worse wasn’t just for Daniel and Johnny.

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Cobra Kai wins the tournament in Cobra Kai Season 4

In a shocking turn of events, Kreese and Terry won the tournament. However, it quickly became clear that this wasn’t fairly. Tory learned that Terry paid to win the tournament. We should have known he’d cheat when it was clear he didn’t feel all that bad about breaking a teenager just to win.

Terry doesn’t think anyone will ever know. This is sure to come in in the fifth season. Daniel is now working with Chozen(!) to help save his dojo. Will Tory do the right thing and come to them with the information she has?

Meanwhile, Kreese landed in hot water. Terry set it up for Kreese to be arrested for assault. Will Kreese now realize that Terry had been playing him this whole time? Will he know everything Terry was doing and come forward?

It’s all got to come out eventually. The question is how that is going to happen.

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Wat did you think of Cobra Kai Season 4? What do you hope to see in the fifth season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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