Who won The Bachelor 2023?

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The Bachelor 2023 has come to an end, and Zach has chosen his wife-to-be. Who won The Bachelor Season 27? Was Reality Steve right?

We knew The Bachelor would come down to two women: Kaity and Gabi. The question always was which of the two would win. Instagram said Gabi and Reality Steve said Kaity. Who would end up being right?

Well, we got our answers on Monday, March 27. During the three-hour episode, we got to see both Gabi and Kaity meet Zach’s family. There was some immediate drama between Zach and one of the women.

Kaity won Drama between Zach and Gabi

After the Fantasy Suites, Zach and Gabi had some air to clear. Well, Zach felt he had some air to clear, and he brought everything up on camera with Gabi. That was not what she wanted, but it didn’t really matter. Does it ever matter when it comes to what women would like?

Gabi made it clear that she didn’t think Zach would choose her, and he wanted her to be honest with him. He said that he was still choosing, so Gabi decided to meet Zach’s family.

Afterward, Zach didn’t choose her. She knew it deep down, and she was understandably angry with him that he couldn’t have made the choice earlier in the day. Why make her think that she had a chance when she clearly didn’t?

Zach chose Kaity in The Bachelor 2023

Reality Steve’s sources were right. Kaity was the final winner of the season of The Bachelor*.

Zach got down on one knee, but would Kaity say yes?

She did.

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What did you think of The Bachelor 2023 finale? Did Zach pick the right woman? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Bachelorette premieres on ABC in June.