World’s Finest Collection fall 2020 unboxing and review

The World’s Finest Collection fall 2020 theme was Gotham City. Here’s a look inside the box, with a review of the items.

Gotham City was the theme for the World’s Finest Collection fall 2020, offering something other than just Batman. It’s time to look inside the box, reviewing each of the items.

This was a good box. I do find the World’s Finest Collection from CultureFly ($) can be hit or miss, but it is mostly hit. My main complaint recently has been opting for the same superheroes over and over again. There’s more to DC than the main Justice League members.

Gotham City offered a little change. We got a little of The Joker, but Robin and Nightwing were also included. It gives me hope that CultureFly is starting to listen to the requests of many subscribers to bring something different.

So, let’s take a look inside the fall 2020 box.

Image by Alexandria Gunn

The bag and the jacket

There are a few wearable and useful items in the box. Two that stand out are the Batman rucksack and the Nightwing jacket.

Both are useful, and I’m sure to get a lot of use out of the Batman bag at comic-cons. This is better than the drawstring bags of the past because it’s a rucksack. I have a Surface tablet at comic-cons since I work while there so I need something that distributes weight well.

The rucksack is also a good size. I’ll be able to roll up the drawstring bags and have them ready for extra items that I’m sure to buy.

It would also make a good bag for school if you’re still there. My elder daughter has asked if she can have the bag when her school bag finally breaks. (We only buy a new bag when the old one is broken in some way and not one new one every year.)

While the jacket is a great fall jacket with the windproof-like material, I do have a problem with the size. It fits really well in the shoulders and chest but is too small around the waist. And this isn’t a problem with getting the wrong size.

I’ve tried the size up on as my husband gets a box too. That is still a problem around the waist and is then too big around the chest and arms. Like some of the other clothing items, it’s something that needs to be looked into.

Other than that, it looks good. The pockets are too far out to the sides for my liking, but it will be good when the spring weather rolls around here in Ontario.

The Joker items in the World’s Finest Collection fall 2020

The Joker does get a lot of attention in the Gotham City box. That’s not surprising since The Joker is the most infamous villain when it comes to Batman. I do hope CultureFly starts moving away from The Joker and focuses on some of the other great villains out there. Two-Face, The Penguin, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, there are just so many excellent options.

However, while it is The Joker, the items are useful and different. The first is a neck gaiter, which can also double up as one of those gaiter masks. I’ve used it a couple of times while nipping to the shops since I tend to keep it in one of my jacket pockets. It keeps my neck warm in the Ontario winter and I don’t have to worry about remembering a mask for a one-off trip to the grocery store.

The second item is a clock. It’s different, and while I’ve got plenty of clocks around the house, I know not everyone does. This is going to be something fun for the office or the kids’ room. It doesn’t have numbers on so the kids still won’t be able to tell the time easily with it. They’re young and relying on the numbers right now.

Then there’s the Joker and Harley Quinn shot glasses. I’ve collected shot glasses for a long time, so these are awesome additions to my collection. No, they won’t be used.

One of my big issues with glassware from CultureFly is that the stickers come off so easily. After a couple of washes, the Joker and Harley Quinn stickers will come off and then they’re just everyday shot glasses. They’re remaining with the collection.

Vinyl, pins, and multi-tool

Finally, it’s time for my three least favorite items on the World’s Finest Collection fall 2020 box. That doesn’t mean they’re not good, but they’re just not my favorites from the box.

The vinyl is of Robin, and I do love the fact that it’s something different to the Batman, Wonder Woman, and all the other Justice League vinyls we’ve already got from the World’s Finest Collection boxes.

There’s not much to say apart from it being a standard vinyl. He’s crouched, so he goes well with a crouched Batman vinyl I also have on display.

The pins are Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. I’m not the biggest pin fan. I just have no use for them. However, because of the way the rucksack is with the flap over the top, the pins will work really well on it. And they have bright yellow on them to make sure the pins stand out, even the Batman pin is surrounded in yellow.

Finally, the “multi-tool,” which is more of a bottle opener. I’ve not tested out whether it works well as a bottle opener. I’ve had some in the past that haven’t been made well and don’t really do the job.

It does have a weight to it and looks like it could be part of Batman’s utility belt. The little card that comes with it says that it can do other things. I’m not too sure about that. It’s more of just a bottle opener to keep in the drawer.

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What did you think of the World’s Finest Collection fall 2020 box? What was your favorite item? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The World’s Finest Collection is available via CultureFly ($). Sales for the winter 2020 box are now open.