World’s Finest Collection fall 2020 spoilers

Are you ready for a tease of what’s to come in the World’s Finest Collection fall 2020 mystery box? Here are two spoilers from the box.

The World’s Finest Collection is the mystery crate for all DC fans. After years of asking for someone other than the main Justice League members, it looks like CultureFly is offering us something (and not just because it’s a villain box).

There are two spoilers for the World’s Finest Collection fall 2020 ($)mystery crate. With the theme Gotham City, you can expect plenty of Batman, but he’s not the only one included.

This is definitely a box for those who want something different.

World’s Finest Collection fall 2020 spoiler #1

The first spoiler is the apparel, and it’s not yet another T-shirt. I will say that the apparel from the DC boxes have consistently been among the best offerings, but T-shirts can get a little too much.

Check out the spoiler before we delve into more details:

We’re getting a jacket that is perfect for the fall weather. It’s a zip-up jacket with a windproof overlay. It may even be waterproof but I’d need to get my hands on it to confirm that.

While it is the Batman logo, it’s the light blue one. This reminds me of Adam West’s Batman.

Second spoiler from the Gotham City box

Next up is the vinyl. This is where I do find DC the weakest. The vinyls always tend to be the main Justice League members unless it’s a villain focused box. Well, that’s changing with the fall 2020 box.

Take a look at the spoiler before we delve into details:

It’s a Robin figure. And this Robin reminds me a lot of the Teen Titans (not Teen Titans Go but the one before it). Robin is ready for action to protect Gotham City along side the Caped Crusader.

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Which spoiler do you love the most? What do you hope is included in the fall box? Which superheroes would you love a focus on in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

You can still get the World’s Finest Collection fall 2020 mystery box ($) from CultureFly.