World’s Finest Collection fall 2022 spoiler

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The second spoiler for the World’s Finest Collection fall 2022 box from CultureFly is out. Take a look at the creepy addition. You can also check out the first spoiler here.

Are you ready for the fall boxes from CultureFly? We usually get some creepy additions. After all, the box usually arrives in time for Halloween. Creepy is certainly the description for the spoiler from the fall 2022 DC box.

The theme is all about Dark Nights: Metal. This is a great series that brings something, well, “dark.” It’s all about seeing our superheroes in a way we would never expect—a villainous side of themselves. If you’ve watched Arrow and The Flash and all the other DC shows on The CW, you’ll know how there are different Earths and they can bring evil versions of the good characters we’ve come to know and love.

World’s Finest Collection fall 2022 spoiler from CultureFly

If you don’t want to look at the spoiler, you won’t want to read on. We’re starting with just a link, but we will get into the details of that spoiler from this point.

Take a look at the second World’s Finest Collection fall 2022 spoiler on Instagram.

So, it’s all about some of the darker versions of characters we already know. Vinyls are popular, but I absolutely adore this one. For a while, I got fed up of the same characters over and over again. For the last year, CultureFly has really stepped things up.

Batman Who Laughs is brilliant for an October box. It can be off-putting if you’ve not read the event series, but you’ll certainly feel like it’s the scariest month of the year.

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There’s still time to get the World’s Finest Collection fall 2022* box.