World’s Finest Collection: Retro Justice League box item revealed [Spoilers]

It’s getting close to the arrival of the World’s Finest Collection summer 2019 box. The Retro Justice League theme has an item revealed.

The summer 2019 World’s Finest Collection mystery box will soon be here. If you just can’t wait for the items instead, the spoilery reveal will certainly be something you want to check out.

Caution: There are spoilers in this post. If you don’t want to know any of the items, I’d recommend checking out this post about the summer 2019 retro theme.

Let’s be honest. The mystery boxes will always have some items we love and some items we hate. Not every single item is going to be for every single person, but there’s always going to be something fun and quirky for all.

When it came to the Green Lantern box, it was all about the USB hub and light switch cover for me. For this Retro Justice League box, I’m definitely looking forward to this particular item. I’ll let you check it out below from the World’s Finest Collection Instagram page first.

You’re getting a Batman tote bag. And this tote bag has a zip at the bottom to roll your bag up and store it easily at home or within a handbag or something similar.

Why would you possibly need a tote bag? Hey, there are lots of reasons for a tote bag. This is actually going to end up being one of the most useful items from the World’s Finest Collection ever.

With stores around the world charging for bags, having your own will help to keep the cost down. Also, when you’re at a convention, you can have your own geeky bags to carry items. Store a few tote bags like this within your rucksack and you can open them up as and when you need them.

Maybe I’m excited because I do have multiple tote bags that regularly gets used because of fan conventions. I have a Shark Week and a Serengeti bag from Discovery and an Outlander bag I got while at NYCC — a bag that became my favorite item because it was so darn useful!

The World’s Finest Collection summer 2019 box, with the Retro Justice League theme, will begin shipping soon. If you’ve already pre-ordered the box, you should start to get tracking information soon. If you haven’t got the box yet, sign up now and get ready to go retro.

What do you hope to get in the Retro Justice League box? What do you think of the Batman tote bag? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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