World’s Finest Collection unboxing and review: Green Lantern

The spring 2019 World’s Finest Collection was all about the Green Lantern. Here’s a look inside and why you’ll certainly want to invest in this CultureFly mystery box collection.

When you hear Green Lantern, you may now think of the disastrous Ryan Reynolds movie. Okay, I didn’t find it that bad but plenty of others did. However, the CultureFly World’s Finest Collection certainly offered something for all fans with the spring 2019 box.

All about the Green Lanterns past and present, the box was full of useful and geeky items. The usual vinyl and shirt were included, offering something to show off. However, there were a few items that showed the team behind this box certainly thought outside the box.

There was only the vinyl I was disappointed with, and I’ll get to that first in this “good,” ”bad,” and “great” review.

Caution: There are spoilers in this box for those who haven’t received their World’s Finest Collection or opened it yet.

World’s Finest Collection: Green Lantern — Image by Alexandria Gunn

The bad: The disappointing Green Lantern vinyl

Usually, I like the vinyls for the World’s Finest Collection. Because of the topic, they get away with being not quite on point with the most recent incarnations of the characters. They’re all about the comic versions, which have changed over the years.

My disappointment was actually in the quality on this occasion. The arm of the vinyl fell off. For the main photos, I’ve managed to get the arm to stay on but you can see in a subsequent photo that the arm hasn’t been secured.

World’s Finest Collection: Green Lantern — Image by Alexandria Gunn

I’m fortunate in getting review boxes to share, but it’s disappointing for those who got a vinyl like this after spending money on their box. There was a quality control issue with the Green Lantern boxes, which is why they were shipped out late, so I can only assume that this was the problem and some of the incorrect boxes have been sent out.

The good: The poster, the hat, the cushion cover, and the bottle opener

I’ll be honest and say I have a love-hate relationship with hats. Most of the time the “one size fits all” doesn’t fit me. It’s always too big and that’s the case with the hat in this mystery box.

I like it but I can’t wear it. To be honest, my kids have ended up stealing it anyway because they like hats for dressing up and hanging out. At least it’s getting some use.

Meanwhile, the poster and the bottle opener are cool additions. The bottle opener is nothing overly spectacular but it can be useful — although most of my drinks are corked, screw tops, or cans. I do now have a collection of geeky bottle openers growing so maybe they’ll go on display in my kitchen.

The poster and cushion cover have similar artwork on them, and I do love this style. It’s focused on the various Green Lanterns over the years and across the universes, something that I deeply appreciate. This is a box that isn’t about the present but about remembering the journey to the present.

The great: The shirt, the USB hub, and the light switch cover

There are three items that I adore in this box. The first is the shirt. Instead of a normal T-shirt, this is a longer-sleeved top. It’s not going to be something I wear in the heat of the summer, but perfect for the winter months. The artwork is cool too, instead of the standard Green Lantern image.

As for the UBS hub, this has pride of place on my desk, next to the Game of Thrones USB light from the last GoT CultureFly mystery box. Admittedly, I’ve been looking for an extender for my USB ports so this came at the perfect time. The only think I wish the lantern would do is light up, but that’s just a minor complaint.

The light switch is ingenious for the Green Lantern World’s Finest Collection box. After all, a lantern brings light, right? Something that I hope is that there are more light switch covers in future World’s Finest Collection boxes so I can cover a few of my other normal lights switches.

Quality for the other items is certainly there. It’s only the vinyl that I’m disappointed about because of the arm not sticking on. Overall, it was still a box worth the money for those who spent it.

What do you think of the World’s Finest Collection spring 2019 box? Has this encouraged you to get the next box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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