World’s Finest Collection winter 2020 unboxing and review

The World’s Finest Collection winter 2020 crate has arrived. It’s time to unbox everything. Here’s our World’s Finest Collection review.

We’ve reached the last month of the year. CultureFly boxes are on their way, and the first of the quarter we’ve received is the World’s Finest Collection. It’s time for our World’s Finest Collection review.

The winter 2020 box brings multiple heroes. While Superman and Batman are included, there are a few heroes that we don’t usually get. It looks like CultureFly is starting to listen to this request. That’s two boxes in a row that have new heroes to include.

In the latest box, we have Green Arrow and Supergirl. I have two very happy young girls!

On top of that, the box is awesome. I am really glad it was shipped out on the earlier side of the month. This is one that is needed before Christmas.

Let’s get into the World’s Finest Collection ($) review for winter 2020.

I do want to start with just the box itself. It’s dressed up as a parcel, getting us into the holiday spirit right away. The inside includes the artwork used for some of the items in the box, which is just that extra touch that I love.

One-use Christmas items

Two of the items are one-use items. This could have been a risk. After all, the point of collection boxes is to have items that we can get a lot of great use of.

However, it works for the Christmas-themed box. The items are Christmas cards and wrapping paper.

Yep, wrapping paper! It’s an old-school comic theme, which is sure to put a smile on the faces of all geeks out there.

I guess you don’t have to use the wrapping paper or cards. I just know what I’m using to wrap some of the kids’ gifts up in.

There are three sheets of wrapping paper, enough to do a few presents. There are four cards with envelopes so you can send them to those you know will get a kick out of them.

Winter gear ready

There are three items that are just right for the winter. The first is a light-weight hoodie. It’s a zip-up hoodie rather than over-the-head, which I personally appreciate.

I’ve had a problem with some of the clothing fitting properly recently. That isn’t an issue with the Green Arrow hoodie. It fits perfectly all over, and is very comfortable and well made.

As mentioned, it’s Green Arrow. There’s a big print of the original Green Arrow on the back. Those who don’t know the character will likely confuse him for Robin Hood because, well, there are always people out there like that. The “Green Arrow” labeled under the character will help to get rid of that confusion.

Then there’s the woolen scarf. It’s The Flash, which is one of the more common heroes so may disappoint some. That’s not the problem for me. My issue is that it’s on the smaller side. It’s not one to wrap around the neck well.

I have a feeling my kids are going to steal this, and it will be the perfect size for them. However, those who just want something to drape over the back of the neck and tuck into the jacket will be happy. It also works really well with the Flash hat from last winter’s box.

The third winter-proof item is the blanket. CultureFly has always done well with blankets. They are on the small side, but they’re also on the comfortable side.

Like the wrapping paper and cards, the blanket has a style of old comic strips. This one is a comic book cover with Batman, Superman, and Robin teaming up. I can get behind this team up.

Vinyl and decorative item

The final two items are more decorative. We’ll start with the vinyl.

I’ll admit that in recent boxes, the vinyl has been disappointing. That’s mostly because we’ve had the same heroes time and time again. The World’s Finest Collection fall 2020 box was Robin, and a brilliant change of pace. CultureFly has continued that with the winter 2020 box.

We get a Supergirl vinyl this time. Honestly, I have a feeling this will go missing from my shelf. It’s the one my two girls are stoked about seeing.

The other item is another reason I’m glad this box turned up in time. It includes a Superman Christmas tree ornament. What’s really cool is that it glows up in the dark and looks like Kryptonite. Let’s hope Superman isn’t around!

Another plus to the ornament is that it’s rubber. There’s no fear of this getting broken while in storage or even getting damaged in anyway. The rubber is relatively thick, so unless the dogs get hold of it and eat it somehow, I have no concerns about this ornament.

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What did you think of the winter 2020 box? What is your World’s Finest Collection review? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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