World’s Finest Collection sale now on: There’s still time to get the summer 2019 box

There’s still time to grab the summer 2019 World’s Finest Collection mystery box from CultureFly. Check out all the details for the summer sale.

Didn’t pre-order the World’s Finest Collection summer 2019 box? The Retro Justice League theme wasn’t enough to sway everyone, but the items received may have made you wish you had. Well, there’s still time to grab it and CultureFly has a summer sale.

You can get your hands on your very first World’s Finest Collection summer 2019 box with a 20% discount. This is an excellent way to mark the end of the summer with a bunch of items that you’ll want to take to school with you!

To get it for 20% off, you’ll need to go to the official World’s Finest Collection website and use the promo code SUMMERSALE20 at the checkout. Instead of the $48.99 price for your single box, you’ll be able to get it for $39.20. Awesome, right?

The summer box is definitely worth the money in my opinion. There’s an item for almost each of the original Justice League members. Missing out Green Lantern does make sense when you consider the quarter before was a Green Lantern theme. The Batman bag is one of my favorite items because of how useful it is, but I do love the Justice League cup.

You’ll be able to grab the box at the sale price until the boxes sell out. However, even if the boxes aren’t sold out, the code will expire at the end of August. It only applies to your first box, and I’m assuming that this Justice League box will be the only one it works on. You can’t currently pre-order the box after just yet.

There’s no theme yet for the fall 2019 box. We’ll keep you posted.

Head over to the World’s Finest Collection and use the code SUMMERSALE20 to get 20% off the box.