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World’s Finest Collection spring 2020 mystery box: Unboxing and review

The World’s Finest Collection spring 2020 box was a little late, but it was certainly worth the wait. Here’s our unboxing and review of the CultureFly box.

Due to the health pandemic, the World’s Finest Collection for spring 2020 was delayed. That’s something CultureFly was upfront about, and it was an understandable issue. I don’t think I’ve had anything arrive on time during the pandemic.

One thing I will say is that I loved CultureFly was upfront about it. I didn’t have to email to find out what was going on. While it was disappointing, emailing everyone about the delays immediately was the best thing that CultureFly could do.

The World’s Finest Collection spring 2020 mystery box has been worth the wait. We received ours last week, and here is our unboxing and review.

A great box design

Each box is a new theme and the box designs always change to suit that. Something that I want to say is how great the box design for this box is.

It’s a Hero and Villains theme. Most items in the box are reversible, so you can decide which side you’re on. The box design offers the main heroes and their villains. There are different characters around the box, including Batman and Joker, The Flash and Reverse Flash, and Green Lantern and Thaal Sinestro.

I’ll let you check out all the different characters on the box below:

A great collection of items in the World’s Finest Collection spring 2020

The whole box is one of the strongest I’ve ever had. While I am still somewhat disappointed that it’s the main Justice League heroes we’re focusing on, opting for the reversible items makes up for it. The villains don’t tend to get much attention, especially those that aren’t The Joker!

Of course, Joker is involved since Batman is. The item is a reversible T-shirt with a card design on the front. You can choose the yellow and grey side with Batman on the top or the purple and green side with Joker. The only downside is that the T-shirt is thick with the two sides. It’s not something for the summer weather we’re having in Ontario right now, but it’s going to be perfect for the cooler months.

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You can also choose The Flash or Reverse Flash for the notebook. The inside is plain paper, which is great for sketches or taking quick notes. Without the lines, there’s no need to feel odd using the Reverse Flash side.

The rest of the items are pretty simple, but they’re useful or great decorative items. For example, the pin is a sliding one to give us Superman up against Doomsday. Most pins are just something you clip on for decorative effect, but this one has this element of fun that makes it stand out.

The iron patches offer Cheetah, which is a Wonder Woman villain often overlooked. She’s going to be important in Wonder Woman 1984, so I appreciate the addition in this box.

As for the plush and vinyl, they’re both the villains. We have Dark Adam and Darkseid. These two aren’t often included in the World’s Finest Collections, so it’s great to see a move to offer something different.

The only items that I’m not the biggest fan of is the decals. Part of it is simply because I’m just not a fan of decals overall. I like small stickers but I have no place for the larger decals that tend to be included in the CultureFly boxes. I also prefer gel stickers that are much easier to remove when they start to show wear and tear. But I know there are a lot of people who love decals, so this collection of Aquaman decals will be perfect for you.

Overall, this is a great box. I’m now looking forward to the World’s Finest Collection summer 2020 box.

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What did you think of the World’s Finest Collection spring 2020 box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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