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World’s Finest Collection spring 2021 unboxing and review

Take a look inside the World’s Finest Collection spring 2021 mystery crate from CultureFly. It’s full of Justice League-themed goodies.

Flashpoint was the theme for the World’s Finest Collection spring 2021 box ($). For those who aren’t comic fans and get the box for the DC movies or just the overall theme of superheroes, Flashpoint was a comic book miniseries that ended up completely changing the status quo for the main DC world.

In a way, it seems fitting that this was the theme for the spring. After all, the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League has recently come out, showing us just what the director intended for the individual storylines for the various characters. It’s this version that others within the DC world were basing storylines on.

The box itself is full of Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, and Cyborg items. I’ll admit that it’s not my all-time favorite box from CultureFly, but that doesn’t make it a bad box. It’s just one of those things where you can’t please everyone. And we take a risk by getting mystery boxes all the time.

What’s inside the World’s Finest Collection spring 2021?

First of all, I’ll share the image with everything that was in the box. I’ll go into a breakdown of each of the items after that, but this is a chance to see all eight items that came in the box.

World's Finest Collection spring 2021
Image: Alexandria Gunn

The decorative items in the box

There are four items that are on the decorative side. Let’s start with the pin, which is the Flashpoint comic book cover. I’m not personally a pin collector, but I know a lot of people are. This is certainly something for those who collect the pins. It’s a decent print of the comic book cover, especially for the size of the pin.

The challenge coin is something fun, but mostly decorative. Wonder Woman is on one side and Aquaman on the other. It’s the only item with these two superheroes. I do have my coin on the shelf along with a few other decorative items from the World’s Finest Collections over the years. The coin itself has a good weight to it, feeling like an actual challenge coin. It also comes with a small plastic stand to put the coin on display, which I appreciated.

Of course, there’s a vinyl. I think I would have preferred a Flash vinyl for this box. We got a Batman one, and I just feel like Batman becomes this default character for vinyls or some items available. I’ve got plenty of Batman vinyls, and my kids have pretty much acquired this from me. I have no complaints about the quality of the vinyl; it is just disappointing when there’s already so much Batman merchandise out there.

Finally, we get the Flash LED desk light. It connects to the computer through a USB and has a switch so you can turn the light on and off. I’ll admit that I’ve not connected it to my computer yet. I have too much on my desk to put another one of these on. Over the years, I’ve had a Game of Thrones one and a Supernatural one, and both have ended up in a storage box. I think this is going to happen with this one, but that’s purely personal.

My kids absolutely love these types of lamps. I’m sure they’ll end up acquiring this one when I show them exactly what it is.

The wearables from the spring 2021 box

There are three wearables in the box. The first is a Batman shirt. This doesn’t quite work for the heat, but keep in mind that the box has arrived a little on the late side. It was initially supposed to be delivered in April, which would have made the weather perfect for a three-quarter length shirt. It’ll wait for the fall.

As usual, the material of the shirt is good quality. It’ll make a good addition to the collection of shirts that I have. Again, though, it’s Batman. Don’t we have enough Batman?

I like the socks. They’re Cyborg socks and made with good quality. I’ve always found the socks from CultureFly last a while. In fact, I still have the Flash socks from 2018! I’m not going to be wearing them often until the fall, but I can be patient with them.

One of my favorite items is the baseball cap. It has an adjustable band at the back, and the front of the cap is soft so it doesn’t stick up from my head. There’s something about those flat and hard baseball caps that never fit my head properly. This is definitely one I’ll be getting use out of throughout the summer.

The travel mug in the World’s Finest Collection spring 2021

The last item in the box is a travel mug. It has the Flashpoint cover strip, which is covered by plastic. The mug reminds me a little of the plastic cups with the straws from last summer. The decoration isn’t going to get damaged while washing up, so I definitely appreciate that.

The plastic cups from last summer sadly didn’t last too long, but that was a problem with the straws chipping. I’m hoping that without the straw, this travel mug will last a little longer. It’s only going to be good for cold drinks looking at the way it’s made (it doesn’t have a thermal lining), but it’ll be good for when I’m out walking or if I’m on a drive.

World's Finest Collection spring 2021
Image: Alexandria Gunn

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What did you think of the World’s Finest Collection spring 2021 box? Are you ready for the summer box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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