World’s Finest Collection spring 2021 pre-sales open: What’s the theme?

It’s time for another World’s Finest Collection box. The World’s Finest Collection spring 2021 pre-sales are now open, and we even get to know the theme of the box.

You can get your hands on the CultureFly box directly from the World’s Finest Collection site ($). Make sure you only get your orders in here as it’s the only way to guarantee the box.

The box will ship in April. It should arrive by the end of the month, but you’ll get a tracker so you can follow it. This is essential for overseas orders right now. In Canada, we’ve had a few delays at the border!

What’s the theme for the World’s Finest Collection spring 2021 box?

Every quarter has a theme. CultureFly has picked “Flashpoint” as the theme for this box.

Now I will admit, initially it seems like it’s just another Flash box. One of the problems I’ve found with CultureFly is the reliance on the most well-known members of the Justice League. It is time to break out from those core characters.

However, this isn’t just The Flash. The box is Flashpoint.

This is the point in Flash’s story where everything changes. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are against each other, Cyborg is the main hero, Superman is a lab-rat, and Thomas Wayne is Batman.

Only Barry Allen knows of all the changes. He’s the one that needs to figure out what’s going on.

So, while it is another Flash box, there’s hope that it will include some different items to connect to the alternate reality that we’ve all come to enjoy.

The last few boxes have been excellent. They’ve offered something a little different, especially with focuses on Supergirl and Nighthawk. Things need to stay that way to keep the World’s Finest Collection fresh.

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Pre-order the World’s Finest Collection spring 2021 ($) box from CultureFly today.