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CultureFly’s World’s Finest Collection spring 2022 theme and spoiler

The World’s Finest Collection spring 2022 mystery box from CultureFly is now available to preorder. Take a look at the theme and spoiler.

Are you ready for another mystery box packed with geeky goodies? Of course you are! The World’s Finest Collection spring 2022 preorders ($) are now open, and there’s no way that you’ll want to miss out.

We’ll start with theme for the box. After that, we’ll move into spoilers. Don’t worry; we’ll make sure the spoiler section is clearly marked, and we’re linking to the Instagram post and not embedding it for those who like to be spoiler-free.

World’s Finest Collection spring 2022 theme

The theme for the first box of 2022 is all about one particular Green Lantern storyline. The “Blackest Night” storyline is the theme.

Yes, everything will be focused on this particular comic book storyline. It is one of the most popular, so it will connect to those who are fans more of the TV shows or movies instead of the comics. It’s also something a little different to the usual Justice League members that become the focus.

CultureFly has given us a look at the characters we can expect included in the box.

World’s Finest spring 2022 mystery crate spoiler

This is where we’re getting into the spoilers. If you don’t want to know what’s in the box, you can scroll to the very bottom to preorder or click the link in the second paragraph.

Spoilers going forward!

The first spoiler was revealed on Instagram.

It’s all about something to hang on the wall. CultureFly has been moving away from some of the more traditional posters recently, and this certainly continues that pattern. This time we have a scroll with the main theme of the box. All the characters included in the box should be on this poster, and it has a feel of an actual comic book cover.

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What do you think of the World’s Finest Collection spring 2022 theme? What do you hope is included in the box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Preorder your World’s Finest Collection spring 2022 box now. ($)