World’s Finest Collection summer 2019: Retro Justice League is brilliantly retro

The World’s Finest Collection summer 2019 mystery box is here. Here’s a look at the Retro Justice League box from CultureFly. Caution: Spoilers!

The World’s Finest Collection summer 2019 mystery box from CultureFly is here. With the Retro Justice League theme, it promised to be an exciting flashback to the past. And that’s exactly what I feel we got.

CultureFly went all out to bring something from each member of the Retro Justice League in this mystery box. And it all started with the box itself. On the outside, we got a collection of the older comics, making you immediately think of the original styles.

That’s not where it all stopped. The inside of the box was full of the older comic strips. It continued this feeling of starting from the beginning. For those who have only just started getting the World’s Finest Collection, this was an excellent introduction.

I usually do these reviews by breaking down the bad, the good, and the mediocre items. The last few boxes have become much better that there aren’t really any bad items. In fact, the items that some people find “bad” are more due to personal preference over what they find useful or not. I heard that some thought this box was “useless,” but that’s certainly not how I felt with the items because each one has a purpose.

Instead of the good, bad, and mediocre, I’ll break down the box by items. First of all, here’s a look at every item in the box before I share exactly what they are!

World’s Finest Collection — Image by Alexandria Gunn

Batman and Wonder Woman items

One of the spoilers from the box was the Batman bag. This is a large bag that is going to be perfect for those at conventions. However, it also has its purpose in everyday use. This is something you’re going to want to take with you when you go grocery shopping.

The bag has a zipper, which could be good to store a small umbrella. However, it is also a way to pack up the bag. You can roll and store, making it easier to take your bags on the go with you!

World’s Finest Collection — Image by Alexandria Gunn

Along with the bag is the Wonder Woman bandana. This isn’t going to be for everyone, but it’s a fun item for those who just like to add their comic love to their hair. I also find bandanas extremely useful for keeping my hair out of my eyes, especially when exercising.

Personally, this is going to be something I have when I’m at conventions. I’ll be able to show off my love for particular characters without dressing up as them. I’m just not someone who cosplays but shows my geeky love in other ways.

Superman towel

When it comes to Superman, the item was wrapped up in a tight circle. It wasn’t easy to see what this was going to be when first pulling it out.

It turns out that it’s a beach towel. I don’t always find beach towels useful for the beach, but they are useful for other needs. My kids often steal beach towels to create forts or we use them for picnics.

This is a fun design. It’s got the style of an old comic, continuing that theme of blasts to the past. You can see just a glimpse of the towel in this image. I couldn’t get it all because it’s so big!

World’s Finest Collection — Image by Alexandria Gunn

Aquaman and the Justice League

When it comes to Aquaman, it’s all about the vinyl. This is an excellent addition to the collection you’ll already be building from previous World’s Finest Collection boxes.

The good news is this vinyl is made better than the Green Lantern one from the previous box. The arm hasn’t come off! I did worry about that when taking Aquaman out of the box.

World’s Finest Collection — Image by Alexandria Gunn

There’s also a Justice League plastic container. This is a step up from the glasses and cups in previous boxes. The Justice League artwork is very similar to the artwork on the outside of the box, and it sits in between two layers of plastic. There’s little chance that this is going to wear away unless there are some cracks in the plastic.

It’s also a screw top to prevent spillages or leaks from the sides. However, you can spill from the very top where the straw is. The straw that comes with it is plastic and reusable. I love that CultureFly has thought about the environment with this box.

The Flash and Shazam! (?)

The only member of the original Justice League that doesn’t get anything in this box in Green Lantern. That’s not all that surprising considering the previous World’s Finest Collection box was for this character.

However, there is The Flash, despite The Flash being the focus three boxes ago. It’s nothing big considering items you’ll likely already have. We get a set of laces. I would put them in my Converse, but they’re pale green and I’m not sure they’re going to work together. I’ll have to see! Maybe just for conventions.

The item that doesn’t seem to fit the Retro Justice League theme is the use of Shazam! This is the character on the front of the T-shirt and seems to be working with the release of the current movie with Zachary Levi on DVD more than the main theme of the box.

World’s Finest Collection — Image by Alexandria Gunn

There is a pin, too, for those who collect them. This pin is relatively simplistic, but it continues the theme of the retro look and matches the logo on the front of this month’s box.

The pins tend to go to my kids since I don’t tend to use them. They have a good collection from CultureFly boxes, especially The Nick Box, on their school bags!

World’s Finest Collection — Image by Alexandria Gunn

Finally, there’s the poster. This does include all the original members with the old-school graphics. The World’s Finest Collection posters have consistently been fun and good quality. One day, I’ll put all the posters together in a larger photo frame or maybe into a scrapbook. I don’t tend to hang too many on the walls if I’m honest.

Get a full video unboxing of the World’s Finest Collection: Retro Justice League here:

What do you think of the World’s Finest Collection summer 2019 box? Did you get the Retro Justice League? Are you signing up for the next box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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