World’s Finest Collection: Check out this retro summer theme

The World’s Finest Collection summer 2019 theme has been set. CultureFly is going retro and here are all the details to get your box.

CultureFly’s World’s Finest Collection impressed with the Green Lantern Box (review coming, but with the delay in sending, we’ve had a backlog of reviews to get through!). However, the summer 2019 theme is definitely one many will want to get. We don’t know what exactly will be in the box, but we do know that there something groovy about it.

The World’s Finest Collection will have a Retro Justice League theme. So, we’re expecting the old-school Justice League characters (sorry, Cyborg, you’re out and no Jason Mamoa style Aquaman, sadly). There is a chance we’ll get to see the inclusion of Martian Manhunter in this box if CultureFly is heading all the way back to the origins. Of course, Green Arrow did find inconsistencies in the Justice League in later comics, so you just never know!

From the look of the style of box in the emails I’ve received June 7, we’re looking at the retro comic style. They were all about the bright colors, the classic designs, and so much more. The box should be covered in the classic comic style, too, immediately giving you a sense of the past from the minute it’s delivered to your door (or the Post Office usually in my case!).

The World’s Finest Collection summer 2019 box is slated to be shipped mid-July. This is about standard, so pushing back the shipping in May (because of quality issues) hasn’t caused a knock-on effect with the other boxes. That’s always good to hear!

If you signed up for the annual plan, then you’ll already have this box in your order. If you’re still no sure, you can check out our review on The Flash box (personally, my favorite so far) and I’ll bring the Green Lantern review very soon. Just bear with me as life at home is turned upside down thanks to a move!

Boxes cost $48.99 per box but you can save $5 by getting the annual plan. For the annual plan, you will pay for the full year upfront but it’s worth it in the long term. You end up saving $20 over the course of the year.

Get your World’s Finest Collection summer 2019 box right now and go retro this summer.