World’s Finest Collection summer 2020 box delayed

The summer 2020 World’s Finest Collection box has been delayed. Get all the details you need to know about the shipping.

There’s some sad news for fans waiting for the World’s Finest Collection summer 2020 box. The shipment of the boxes has been delayed, and we can thank the pandemic for that.

It’s not too much of a delay. The summer 2019 box didn’t ship until August. We’re only waiting until the end of this month, but no specific date has been offered.

With the theme Retro Wonder Woman, there will be many excited to get the box. However, I do wish some of the lesser-known superheroes or villains would be included in the CultureFly boxes to give us more variety. The focus for this box has always been the Justice League, but there are so many more characters. In fact, there are members of the Justice League who have even been forgotten about when it comes to solo boxes. It’s time to change that.

The box is sold out

For those who haven’t for the summer 2020 World’s Finest Collection on order yet, there is some disappointing news. The box has now sold out.

You can place your pre-orders for the fall 2020 box. The theme for that hasn’t been revealed yet.

Instead, CultureFly has offered some spoilers for the Retro Wonder Woman box.

The wearable is definitely something different this time (the second Instagram image if you’re trying to avoid too many spoilers). It will be interesting to see what the material and the fit is like. I don’t think we’ve ever had a wearable like this from CultureFly before. I’m excited about it.

The first spoiler I’ve linked to is on the disappointing side. It’s the type of [not putting what it is here for those who don’t want spoilers] is not the type that I like, and it’s on the obvious side. Logo items aren’t my thing, whether it’s the logo of the company or the logo of a character/movie/show/whatever. I like things to make people think—where only fellow fans will know what something is. That is a personal thing, though.

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