Pre-order the World’s Finest Collection summer 2021 mystery box from CultureFly

Ready for a summer packed with your favorite Justice League members? You’ll want to pre-order the World’s Finest Collection summer 2021 box.

The spring 2021 box only arrived recently, but we’re already looking forward to the summer. Pre-orders for the new box are already open. If you already have a subscription, your pre-order is automatic unless you cancel. For those who have been on the fence for some time, this is the time to pre-order ($).

The box can sell out relatively quickly depending on the theme. This theme is going to be something many fans want to get their hands on.

World’s Finest Collection summer 2021 theme: Retro Justice League

Usually, I am disappointed by the inclusion of the same DC characters time and time again. The Justice League members tend to be overused, especially Batman, The Flash, and Superman.

However, there’s something special about the retro members of the team. It’s not often you’ll find merchandise with some of the older versions of the characters, with many companies now focusing on the Zack Snyder characters. This is where CultureFly can excel because it does bring in the retro characters regularly.

In fact, summer 2019 saw the retro Justice League as a theme. We got some great items, including A Wonder Woman bandana, the Superman towel, and the Shazam shirt. What will the new addition include?

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What do you hope is included in the retro Justice League box? What do you hope to see in a future mystery crate? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Pre-order the World’s Finest Collection summer 2021 crate at CultureFly now. ($)