CultureFly’s World’s Finest Collection summer 2022 first spoiler

The first spoiler for the World’s Finest Collection summer 2022 box from CultureFly is out. Take a look at what you’ll get.

Pre-orders for the summer 2022 World’s Finest Collection mystery box* from CultureFly are now open. Not everyone wants to buy a mystery box without some sort of idea of what’s included. Of course, there are previous boxes to check out, but you want to know what’s coming in the new box.

It’s a summer of villainy this quarter. More specifically, it’s Retro Villainy, which means the villains of DC past. The Retro Justice League boxes have been some of the best, so it’s exciting to see what’s to come in this box.

The box ships in August 2022.

First spoiler for the World’s Finest Collection summer 2022 box

The first spoiler is out. It’s perfect for the summer months.

We’ll get a beach towel. The towel will have a print of a retro comic. It’s all about Starro vs. the Justice League.

This is sure to work well with the Superman beach towel from last summer. It’s just a shame the box isn’t shipping until August. I get a feeling this beach towel isn’t going to arrive until the summer is done for another year.

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What do you hope to see in the CultureFly for summer 2022? What do you think of this first spoiler? What do you think about the theme for the quarter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Get your CultureFly World’s Finest Collection box* for the summer right now.