World’s Finest Collection: Winter 2019 is flying to your homes soon

The World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 mystery box is now available to pre-order. Here’s a look at the theme from CultureFly’s winter box.

After a box honoring 80 years of Batman, it’s time to turn to another high-profile superhero. The World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 box will be flying to your home in early December. Yes, it’s all about Superman.

In a way, it’s not that surprising that Superman is the focus. More specifically, CultureFly is all about the Fortress of Solitude, which we know is covered in ice and suits the winter months perfectly, right?

I know that there will be some disappointed subscribers out there. Something that CultureFly needs to do is diversify the World’s Finest Collection more. Sadly, there’s a lot of focus on the main Justice League members. There are high chances that Wonder Woman will be the focus for the following quarter based on track record. It would be refreshing to see other, lesser-known superheroes become the focus. There really are so many options out there.

I get the reasoning behind the Batman box last quarter (review coming very soon). It was the 80th anniversary and something to certainly mark. Maybe something different moving into 2020?

Regardless, it’s all about the Fortress of Solitude for winter 2019. This will be a box worth getting for those who need a winter feel to their collections. You’ll still get the usual $120 value of products for less than $50 and the 7-9 items within the mystery box.

The box is set for shipping early December. You should get it in time for Christmas, which could mean the perfect gift for a Superman fan in your life. Of course, you may just want to keep everything for yourself. As the spoilers are released for the winter 2019 box, we’ll bring them straight here.

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What do you hope to see in the World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 box? What do you hope CultureFly brings in 2020? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 box is now available for pre-order.