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World’s Finest Collection winter 2019: Unboxing and review

CultureFly’s latest DC mystery box has arrived. The World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 box brings the best of the Fortress of Solitude.

Despite the promise of all boxes arriving before Christmas, only two of my CultureFly boxes arrived. One of those was the DC World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 box. With the Fortress of Solitude theme, it promised to bring us a sense of the cold weather outside. And it has been cold here in Canada! But did the box bring everything we wanted?

CultureFly offered three spoilers from the box in the run-up, making us wonder just how many items there would be. In the end, the box came with seven items, so four were left to reveal as we pulled each item out of the box. Were they worth it?

The spoilery items

I’ll start with the spoiler items from the World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 box. The vinyl was what you would expect. It’s well-made, but all it’s going to offer is something to put on the shelf. The glasses don’t come off, but they’re not the most durable on the vinyl so I’m sure those who want them off will be able to unstick them!

The Bottle-City of Kandor is much smaller than it initially looks in the spoiler email. And I like that about it. This will make the perfect desk ornament or something to put on the nightstand. It also won’t take up too much space on your mantle or wherever else you put your ornaments. It’s very easy to put together and made well out of acrylic, so there’s little risk of it breaking. This is one of my favorite items out of the whole box.

Then there is the hoodie, which has a great image of Superman heading into the Fortress of Solitude on the back. The colors are just what you would expect with Superman and the quality of the hoodie is great. It’s also a good fit. For those who worried about the length of the sleeves, they’re actually a tiny bit long on me (the way I like them), so I think they’ll be perfect for those with long arms.

World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 unspoiled items

When it comes to the items that came unspoiled, there are two standard pieces. The artwork and the pin are medicore. I’m sure those who love the past posters will love the Superman on, but I’ve just got enough of them for my home. I’m starting to run out of space, so the artwork is just collecting dust if I’m honest. But then, the artwork isn’t why I get the World’s Finest Collection.

The pin is the other standard item. It’s in the shape of the Fortress of Solitude key, but I’m just not a pin person. It’s an item that either collects dust or my kids end up putting it on their school bags. I have a feeling it will be the latter for this box.

The other two items are a glass much with the Superman logo and a bookshelf. Let’s start with the mug. It’s made well but I’m concerned about the Superman logo. If you’ve read my CultureFly reviews before, you’ll know that the stickers on glassware is a sticking point for me—pun definitely intended! The stickers don’t last more than a couple of washes, which either means I end up not using the mug at all (waste of money) or I end up with a plain mug (boring but the better of the two options). I want this to change in the new year.

As for the bookshelf, it’s interesting. It’s a “floating” bookshelf with the holes for the nails either side of the Superman logo at the back. Then there’s a Superman magnet that you can place under, so it looks like he’s flying the bookshelf. I like the ingenious of this design. It’s different and the magnet has a really good strength to it. I’ve not hung the shelf yet; I’ve got to decide where it will go. However, this is one of my favorite items from the box.

Overall, it’s an okay box. There are a few standard items, but the Bottle-City, bookshelf, and hoodie certainly make this box worth the money. I’m just disappointed that two out of those three items were the spoilers.

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What did you think of the World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 box? What would you like to see from CultureFly in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The World’s Finest Collection is available from CultureFly.

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