World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 spoiler: What’s the clothing item this quarter?

The new spoiler item for the World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 box is here. It’s the item of clothing, but is it suitable for winter?

CultureFly is sharing spoilers for each of the mysteries boxes, and the World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 is up. This Superman-themed box is certainly bringing a sense of the cold. After all, it’s the Fortress of Solitude! Suitable for the icy weather outside. The question is whether the clothing item for the quarter will be suitable.

Yes, the spoiler is the item of clothing. That’s not all too surprising since we always know there’s some sort of apparel. Would it be a t-shirt again? Take a look at the spoiler below.

Now that you had a chance to look, let’s break this down. One thing I will say is that I’m always happy about the quality of the clothing from CultureFly. So, I’m positive that this hoodie will last. But let’s get into the details of the World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 item.

Personally, I like it. The coloring is just right for Superman (red, blue, and yellow) and the option of a hoodie is great for the colder months. Whether it will fit is another problem. Hoodies tend to be on the smaller side when being made. I’d have preferred to have a heads up so I could order a size up just in case. Hopefully, CultureFly has thought about this and makes sure the clothing isn’t made on the small size.

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I know there are some people disappointed. It’s just a hoodie, right? People want scarves or gloves. And while they will be great, it does seem like a smaller minority of people. CultureFly has to think about the majority of subscribers. But it’s worth putting in suggestions. I do admit that a scarf would be a great addition. We’ve had hats before, so a scarf to match would be appreciated.

What do you think of the World’s Finest Collection winter 2019 spoiler? Are you ready for the box?

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