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Did Yennefer die in The Witcher Season 2?

Yennefer spent The Witcher Season 2 in some troublesome circumstances. Did they all lead to her death in the end?

Caution: There are spoilers for The Witcher Season 2 in this post.

At the end of The Witcher Season 1, Yennefer tapped into the fire power to save Sodden. It led to her being captured as a prisoner of war, although Geralt and others initially believed her dead.

By the time she returned, she became a suspect as a spy. Then she realized that she no longer had any powers, and she had to go on a journey to get them back and protect herself. It all led to her betraying Geralt and Ciri.

Of course, Geralt was going to realize that Yennefer was up to something. He was going to keep his promise to protect Ciri. Did it mean that he would need to kill the woman he loved?

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Did Geralt kill Yennefer in The Witcher Season 2?

Yennefer realized that the way to get her powers back was wrong. She also realized that it was all a trap to help a witch get home. That almost destroyed Ciri as she killed some of Geralt’s brothers and they all wanted revenge.

Yennefer sacrificed herself to save Ciri. Was this the ultimate sacrifice?

It looked like it at first, but it eventually led to her getting her powers back. Ciri was saved, and the witch was sent to her own plane.

It then led to Geralt having to make a decision. Would he kill Yennefer to get revenge? Witchers don’t kill for revenge. They kill to save people, and Yennefer was no longer a risk to Ciri. In fact, Geralt needs her to train Ciri in her powers. So, Yennefer gets to live, but Geralt can never forgive Yen for what she did.

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What did you think of Yennefer’s story on The Witcher Season 2? What do you hope to see in Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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