Will Netflix renew You for a third season?

All eyes are on the future of You on Netflix right now. The second season dropped and certainly didn’t suffer from sophomore problems. Will You be renewed for Season 3?

You Season 2 dropped on Netflix on Boxing Day, bringing an excellent set of episodes. This is a show that certainly doesn’t suffer from sophomore problems, proving it to be a show that you need to watch. Now all eyes are on the future of the series. Will Netflix renew it for a third season?

With the twists and turns of the second season (no spoilers for those who haven’t got to the end yet), this is certainly a show that warrants more story. There is a third book to develop, but even if there wasn’t, I don’t think that this is a show that will suffer because of that. Sera Gamble is the showrunner, and she certainly has a brilliant mind for adapting books into excellent, binge-worthy TV shows. Just look at The Magicians. This isn’t going to be another Game of Thrones where we wished it didn’t get ahead of the books.

Will Netflix renew You for Season 3?

The question is whether enough people have watched the entire season. That’s something Netflix considers before renewing a show, especially when it comes to going to the third season. The way the Netflix model works, it costs exponentially more to produce the third season of a show, so it’s got to be a good one to get past that second season.

I don’t think there’s anything to worry about with You. Well, that is if places like The Daily Express would just stop putting spoilers in the god-damn headlines. Do you know how annoying it is when you don’t really get a choice over the type of news that pops up in your Google Alerts (especially when your Google Alerts have absolutely nothing to do with the show you’re trying to avoid the spoilers on and they still pop up!)?

So, I do think that Netflix will end up renewing You for Season 3.

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I’ve been wrong before!

Honestly, I thought that Daybreak would get a second season. The show was suddenly canceled before Christmas, leaving us wondering WTF?!?! It was an excellent show, with a crazy storyline but some excellent diverse characters. It’s a series that needs more but Netflix has chosen not to renew it. So, there is a chance that I’m completely wrong about the series getting renewed.

I hope I’m not wrong on this one. We’ll likely hear about the future of the series towards the end of this month. Fingers crossed that it’s good news!

What did you think of You Season 2? Would you like more of the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

You is currently streaming on Netflix.

Photo credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix