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You Season 3 gets Netflix release date and first-look images

Hello, You Season 3. Netflix has given the series a release date and brought some first-look images. What can we expect on the new season?

What’s the best month for creepy TV shows? October, of course! And yes, You Season 3 is coming to Netflix on Friday, Oct. 15. Like with Season 2 (Season 1 it aired on Lifetime first), the series will be released as a binge-watch. This is pretty standard for Netflix shows even if it’s not a healthy way to watch!

Netflix made the announcement with a creepy video:

The video has Joe doing the voiceover, talking to his son. Yes, son. Joe even says a boy was unexpected, and he has to consider that this boy will be like him—and he doesn’t want that!

Throughout the video, Joe is talking about the name for his son. He doesn’t want something that stands out too much, and “Forty Reincarnated” is not an option. So, he wants something literary, of course. This boy needs to adore books.

“Henry” is the name. At least for this announcement video.

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First-look images of You Season 3

We only found out that Love was pregnant at the end of You Season 2. It looks like the third season is offering a small time jump. We’re jumping straight to Henry being born.

The images released give us a look at Joe as a father. He’s proudly carrying baby Henry around, but is this just a front? Does he really love his son, or is this another case of dangerous love?

It looks like his time with the box isn’t over. Will he use the baby to lure people in? Are we thinking too stalker-like for the series?

Take a look at the first-look images for You Season 3:

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What do you hope to see on You Season 3? What do you expect to happen with the baby? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

You Season 3 is coming to Netflix on Friday, Oct. 15.