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Young Sheldon will head to HBO Max for streaming

You can watch the current season of Young Sheldon on CBS All Access, but not past seasons. It’s going to HBO Max exclusively.

The most current season of Young Sheldon is available to stream on CBS All Access. That’s not the case for the previous two seasons, which seem to be nowhere in the streaming world. That’s all about to change, as HBO Max has landed the exclusive streaming rights to the show.

Young Sheldon will join all 12 seasons of its parent show, The Big Bang Theory, on the WarnerMedia streaming site, according to TVLine. In a way, this isn’t that surprising. Warner Bros. owns Young Sheldon, so it makes sense that it will head to HBO Max, right? It also makes sense to keep the series with its parent show, so fans can switch between the two whenever they want.

When will Young Sheldon be on HBO Max?

The question now is when the seasons will be available to stream. That’s not clear just yet. All we know is that HBO Max has acquired the rights. Nor is it clear what it will mean for future seasons. By being exclusive, it should suggest that Young Sheldon Season 4 won’t be available on CBS All Access. However, the current seasons are made available the day after airing to allow fans who can’t watch live to stay up to date legally and easily. We could see CBS All Access keep that right but lose all access as soon as the season heads to HBO Max.

Young Sheldon: The Complete First Season (DVD)
Hopefully, all three seasons will be available to binge-watch before fall 2020. The Big Bang Theory spin-off is part of CBS’s fall lineup. Of course, this is if filming can start in July. CBS will likely have a secondary plan in case fall shows have to be pushed to January 2021. Season 4 will see Sheldon Cooper start college, after successfully completing high school throughout the last three seasons.

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Young Sheldon will stream exclusively on HBO Max.