Is Zola the reason Meredith will leave in Grey’s Anatomy?

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We know we only have Ellen Pompeo for seven episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 until the finale. Is Zola the reason she leaves Seattle?

Ellen Pompeo is taking a step back from Grey’s Anatomy. She announced that she will only be in eight episodes of the season, and one of those is going to be the finale. That means, we only have three episodes left with her, and it looks like we know why she will leave.

Zola has been suffering from panic attacks. Nick and Maggie realized that it’s due to the level of intelligence. Maggie understands this all too well, but she also shared something that she hated about being smarter than her peers. She hated jumping ahead two grades, so Meredith doesn’t want to do that to Zola.

Will Meredith leave for Zola’s schooling in Grey’s Anatomy?

Meredith explained to Nick that she needs to find a school for Zola. In that conversation, she mentioned that it may mean looking outside Seattle. She then told Zola later that they would find the right school for her, even if it meant leaving Seattle. It’s clear that Meredith will put Zola first in all this, and it looks like it is setting the story for Meredith leaving.

Meredith also has something on her mind. She wants to be able to cure Alzheimer’s. That’s part of the reason for Zola’s panic attacks. This comes up in the promo for Episode 5, which sees Meredith head to Boston and catch up with Jackson Avery.

Jackson wonders about Meredith finding a cure. Is it possible that he will give her an opportunity in Boston? Is there somewhere in Boston for Zola to go to school and get the support she needs?

I think we all assumed Minnesota would be the place of choice to be with Nick. What if it’s Boston after all?

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